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The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

Heavy clashes occurred between our fighters and ISIS terrorists during raid on our forces points in Hajin axis, the terrorists used all weapons sorts (heavy, medium and lights), but our forces resisted them and caused them high loses, where many of them were killed and injured while the rest escaped.

In the morning hours, the terrorist organization launched an attack on our forces’ point inside the city via motorbikes, but their raid was resisted and a number of the terrorists were killed and injured, their number hasn’t been known accurately yet, while the coalition aircraft targeted via air raids the terrorists’ locations.

The separated clashes still continuous in this axis, until the time of reporting this news.

The last outcome of the clashes:

The killed terrorists: 32

The terrorists lose: destroying tanks ware house:1, destroying terrorists locations: 13, destroying to administration terrorists’ points:7, destroying a location of launching mortars: 1 and destroying trenches: 2.

The international coalition launching airstrike: 41.

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