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the meeting of the civil institutions in Raqqa

Raqqa- a massive meeting was held today, where it included  all the institution in Raqqa city, with the participation of the Raqqa population, this meeting come after the recent developments  that took place in the area.

The meeting started with standing a silent moment as appreciation for martyrs souls, after that a number of the institutions and military commanders made speech that emphasized their resistance and their continuous work to build the home and defend it despite the enemy conspiracy.

The co-chair of the public relations office in Syrian Democratic Office (Jihad Omer) said during his speech in the meeting: “we assure our unity and work to organize our raw, however we will depend on ourselves and we will unify our forces to defend our areas, as we did before, moreover, we will defend our gains that we got because of our forces efforts and sacrifices, we will work politically and diplomatically to avoid  any military threatening on north and east of Euphrates”.

From her side, the head of the Raqqa Woman Administration Zulikha Abdi clarified that the unity of regions nations is the main reason for the success in  the military institution and the civil administration where she said: “we meet today to prove to the world that we are united people, people who can make self-determination, any external side who attempt to separate our regions and divide Syria is enemy of all Syrian people, we will remain a kind of people who ask for people fraternity,  counter the discrimination and seek for finishing the terrorism”.

The administrate in Al-Intifada neighborhood (Muhammad Sheik Husain) pointed to the importance of being careful with the conspiracies that are targeting north of Syria, where he said:  “the conspiracies on the Syrian people represents nothing for us as we are, as people. supporting SDF, we stand together to fight terrorism, however, these conspiracies that aim to destroy Syria won’t destroy the strong Syrian people will and morals to defend our home that was liberated as a favor of our martyrs blood in SDF

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