HomemanshetThe Outcome of the Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

The Outcome of the Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1-Bagouz axis: Strong engagements broke out between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization in this axis, where terrorists attacked (3) car bombs sites for our forces, but our fighters targeted and detonated before reaching its targets, a number of terrorists were killed and some were wounded due to the engagements while the others fled., we did not know their exact numbers, it is worth to mention that the bodies of some terrorists fell into the hands of our fighters.

The terrorist organization regrouped and attacked with another car bomb our fighters’ points, amid attempts by terrorist elements to infiltrate and get closer to our forces’ fortifications, but our fighters confronted them and managed to detonate the car before reaching their points.

After the desperation that took control of the terrorists, they resorted to mortar shelling indiscriminately and heavily, but did not cause any damage to our forces.

In the evening, our fighters launched a violent attack on the terrorist positions, and managed to advance more than 1 km and 11 new targets were installed. A number of terrorists were killed in the engagements. Our fighters also seized a number of military equipment, weapons and ammunition

At 7 pm, despite the bad weather, the heavy rains in the area, and the dark darkness, our fighters launched another attack on the terrorists’ points and positions. They managed to advance and were able to install another 17 points. The terrorists returned to bombard our fighters with Dushka and mortar shells. But they Did not cause any damage to our forces.

This axis witnessed engagements and mortar shelling until the time of preparation of this outcome.

2-Hajian axis: In the morning, terrorists launched an attack on the positions of our forces, using heavy weapons and bomb cars. Violent engagements broke out, in which a large number of terrorists were killed and a car bomb was detonated before reaching our forces’ positions and Fortifications , A number of weapons and communications equipment left behind by the terrorists were also seized, having escaped under the blows of our fighters, while our engineering units dismantled a number of mines laid by terrorists. While the International Alliance air jets carried out a number of air strikes, targeting the points and fortifications of terrorists, which led to the destruction and killed a number of them.

In the evening, our fighters launched another attack on terrorist positions, a number of them were killed, advanced a distance of 1 km, secured 25 points and seized large amounts of weapons, ammunition and military equipment. The engineering teams dismantled 10 mines laid by terrorists in the areas that controlled by our fighters.

In response to the advance of our forces, the terrorists fired a thermal missile at the vehicles and positions of our fighters, but caused no damage.

Intermittent engagements continued until late at night.

A number of our fighters were wounded and they were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Final Outcome of Engagements:

– Number of terrorist deaths: /43 / Terrorist.

– Weapons seized by our fighters:

 1 (BKC) electric weapon number (1).

 2- A number of Sniper weapons

3- Communication device of type HETRA number 1

4- / BERNO weapon, 1 / 2 /

5-Rocket of type (espigno) /2/

 6-weapon (BKC) number / 1 /

7- Kalashnikov number / 7 /.

Car bombs detonated: / 5 / cars.

– The mines that were detonated by our fighters:/ 20 / mines.

– Terrorist losses: destruction of 11 terrorists’ sites

-/3 / military roads used by terrorists were damaged completely.

– Number of strikes by the international coalition: /19 / strike.

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