HomemanshetThe team of first response discovered new cemetery in Raqqa

The team of first response discovered new cemetery in Raqqa

Raqqa_ after finishing retrieving bodies from Panorama cemetery by the first response team, affiliated to reconstructing committee,  the team discovered another cemetery in the region, after a complaint raised by Locals.

“Yaser Al-Khamis” the team leader of First response , affiliated to reconstruction committee in Raqqa civil council made sure that they discovered new cemetery in Panorama area via its people.

Al-Khamis assured that the majority of bodies belong to full family members, their bodies are getting retrieved, based on their relatives’ complaints.

Al-Khamis mentioned that they retrieved 760 body, from Panorama cemetery, this was the last stage, however, , since receiving the complaints from dead people relatives, it is expected that they will discover 150 body. Meanwhile, 14 bodies were retrieved and they were relatives, however, there are 3 cemeteries, where they look for their bodies.

He pointed that as soon as the work is finished from Panorama cemetery, the team will go to Fakhekha in Kasrat Al-Sheik region south of Raqqa, where the cemetery has ISIS bodies and civilians’ bodies who were killed by ISIS during its control on Raqqa city.

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