HomemanshetThe tribal sheiks’ statement within the frame of Syrian Democratic council (SDC).

The tribal sheiks’ statement within the frame of Syrian Democratic council (SDC).

Al-Raqqa_ during the meeting that SDC held with tribal leaders and Sheiks, they made a statement representing all Euphrates tribal leaders, where they made sure the unity of the Syrian Raw and refused the external intervention in Syria in general and north of Syria in Specific.

Here is the statement content:

The people of the region have fully  realized the Turkey with its current regime is representing a threat on the whole region, it is the most supporting state for the radical groups and terrorists, it opened its border for the terrorists to enter Syria, then it interfered delightfully in Syria where it occupied territories that extend from Jarablus to Idlib passing from Al-Bab, Izaz and Afrin that resisted 58 days, where both people and women protection units made a great championship.

The Turkish interventions in the Syrian issue played a main role in destroying the people dreams for freedom and democracy and pushed Syria towards dark stage, however, Turkey now is working on dividing Syria and creating new entities affiliated to it, represented by Salaphy  and Jihadi groups, it had a main role in destroying home.

We as Sheiks and tribal leaders of Euphrates area condemn the Turkish intervention in the national Syrian issue, and make sure that the Turkish extension in the region and its support to the radical groups will lead to the growth of these groups in the global level, these entities will represent a danger on the humanity, ISIS will represent a danger on humanity, ISIS will back again maybe in a different way.

World people should realize that there is a big danger that they are exposed to in their security in case north of Syria get occupied by Turkey, the radical and ISIS terrorists of ISIS will come back to their European  homes to destroy their stability.

The international society shouldn’t stand as watching man attitude in front of Turkish threatening, it has to interfere urgently, to protect us from being exposed to violations and made pressure on Turkey to end the occupation on Syria and leaving it to Syrians.

Our people sacrificed with their blood to liberate this land from ISIS terrorism, they were martyrs of the whole humanity, however, they got martyred to defend all the world peoples

Now, these people shouldn’t remain silent in front of Turkish threatening, one high shouting will make sense, it would make pressure on their governments to put limits on what is going on.

It is time for peoples to be united and stand against the terrorism for their own interest.

We raise our appeal to our brothers from the Syrian tribes in Turkey and Aleppo’s northern countryside, not to be materials of the fire that want to burn the region, we are brothers and cousins, we ask you to be rational and cooperate with us to extinguish this fire that will burn everything if no limits is drawn.

Today we ask you to get back to defend our home and end the conflict that is blooding Syria.

It is too much, what we witnessed from killing, displacement and destruction, let’s be together in all the conditions and let’s return the safety to our home.

We ask all the patriots in Syria to stand in one raw against new Ottoman ambition, and move to return all our territories first Afrin, we ask the international society to hold its responsibility by taking practical attitude towards the danger that threat the region if the Turkish president  launched an attack, where all the region will enter war and chaos stage, all countries will be affected, the only direction that would get benefit will be terrorist organizations

Life for Syria for all Syrians

Hand by hand to roll back ISIS terrorism and finishing the Turkish Occupation on Syria

Euphrates Tribal Sheiks 26\12\2018.

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