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47 thousand students are submitting their midterm exams In Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa_ in this morning, more than 47 thousand students went to class rooms, in more than 192 schools, to submit the midterm exams of the current year, the students were between the first elementary school to the tenth grade of secondary school, this came after 4 months of studying in schools.

However, a delegation of the educational committee made a tour in many schools to check the educational situation in the city and the countryside, the tour included listening to the students’ point of views, verifying what schools offer for them in the exams term in addition to focusing on the difficulties that schools suffer from, if exist.

The deputy of the educational committee’s co-chair (Hanano Khalifa) said: ” Today, we started the first semester exams of the current year in order to enhance students’ performance, however, the exams are taking place in two stages, the first stage is conducting oral evaluation, while the second stage is written test from the fifth to the tenth grade.

Khalifa added that they received the examination questions in last days, where they were reviewed, printed then distributed to schools after that we worked in resolving the difficulties that represent obstacles in the exam process before exam date.

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