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74 people from Al-Mansura were set free

Al-Tabqa_ the internal security forces in coordination with military relations office and tribal reconciliation council, in this evening, set 74 people of Al-Mansura free, where  chaos  actions recently occurred and led to destabilizing the security situation in the town, However, SDF arrested the causing members.

A group of people who made chaos actions were set free with the attendance of some tribal reconciliation council, military public relations members and some representatives of the democratic civil administration in Al-Tabqa area.

During the process, Omid Gabar, the member of public relation office, made a speech urging on the necessity of union and solidarity with regions people, saying: (we and our people will return stability and security to the region).

Abdul-Latif Al-Faraj, the member of Tribal Reconciliation Council, made a speech and directed it to the people of the region, where he said: (we will continue going on this way that our martyrs started, we won’t leave our goals, we won’t allow any direction to destabilize the safety in the region. Our people, you don’t have to follow any any violators that won’t to create disputation among us.

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