HomemanshetA statement issued by martyrs’ families

A statement issued by martyrs’ families

Raqqa_ The martyrs families issued a statement in Raqqa city where they condemned the Turkish threatening on north of Syria.

The statement included the following:

It wasn’t wondering that such aggressive statements get issued by the ottoman empire, we used to his positions that directly and ironically support all the terrorists, ISIS in top, where it lives its last days.

These statements came in the context of the Turkish government’s continues method to release the military pressure that ISIS face from SDF that got close to the big victory.

We as martyrs’ families, who sacrificed with their pure blood to liberate our home that was under ISIS control for long years of silence and conspiracy of the Turkish regime, we condemn by tough phrases the aggressive behavior that doesn’t bear responsibility towards peace and security Syria needs in general and North of Syria in specific, especially after our region passed displacement, systematic massacre and violation shapes.

Therefor, we ask all the revolutionary powers and movement all over the world as well as all the countries that support peace first of all the United Nations to hold their ethical responsibility towards our region that payed expensive price on behalf of all the countries.

Life for free Syria…. Glory and eternity to our martyrs, the righteous, the shame on the enemies of freedom and peace

SDF-Media center

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