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Malak was born from the core suffer.

Raqqa_ The child Malak who is 7 years old is living a real tragedy, she is originally from Homs, where she was displaced with her mother to Raqqa city, because of war conditions, 7 years ago.

 She lives with her mother in Al-Oja village south of Euphrates river, however, the child suffers from her eye sight 70%, this problem affected her back and movement as well.

However, her father died, leaving the responsibility of the infant of 6 months to her mother who didn’t get tired or bored to care for her child, especially when her feet got straight. she reviewed all the public and private hospitals to rescue her lonely child and offer her the needed treatment.

The mother of the child (Malak) talked about her story, mentioning that after the death of her husband, they moved to live in the countryside of Raqqa city escaping from war tragedies, where they moved in living among 8 villages such as  (Kabsh, Al-Fatih, Al-Wdyan and Al-Rasheed)

The child mother added that they rent a house nearby the school, because Malak like studying so much, and can’t walk for long distance.

The child Malak talked with known innocence of childhood, explaining that she doesn’t like or hate her father as she didn’t see him, and she wishes that she take off the medical glasses and walk normally to be a teacher and teach little children.

The mother of the child (Malak) raised an appeal to all the humanitarian and international organizations for fast intervention to treat her lonely child in order to get her natural right to live in society and participate in building it again.

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