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Reconstructing Al-Iman mosque in Raqqa city

Many mosques were fully and partly destroyed in Raqqa city as a result of the clashes that it witnessed, using civilians as human shield

The terrorist organization, in last days of battles, used mosques as platform to ask for Al- Jihad _ as they called _via amplifiers, where they gathered the civilians inside mosques to protect themselves from the international coalition airstrike.

However, this was applied on Al-Iman mosque that was used as a military center by ISIS at Raqqa city center, where the mosque used as a store of weapons an ammo

 The population collected donations to reconstruct the mosque after it was completely destructed, except its minaret.

The member of Al-Iman mosque Hussein Al-Khalaf emphasized the continuity of work in the mosque, he said: ( we gather donations and aid from city population to reconstruct  Al-Iman mosque, where we built the mosque attachment completely for praying and Azan , after we removed rubble, we poured the mosque base  and now we are building pillars, depending on people donations at this time that we get no external fund for the mosque.

It worth mentioning, many demands were raised to reconstruct the destroyed mosques beside the main support of Raqqa population to build their mosques.

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