HomenewsStatement Issued By tribal reconciliation council.

Statement Issued By tribal reconciliation council.

Al-Tabqa_ the Tribal reconciliation council issued a statement on Thursday due to the events that occurred in Al-Mansoura city.

The statement was read by, Fawaz KhalilAl-Beik, the member of the tribal reconciliation council as following:

We express our condolences to our people and ourselves as well, about the loss of one of our people because of an individual behavior by one security forces member, however; we condemn this un-responsible behavior, also we condemn the chaos actions that took place in the city. since we live in this safe area, we won’t allow anyone to violate the security of our region, moreover, we ask the security members to take their role in spreading peace in required way moreover, we assure that we will stand by SDF that liberated us.

Tribal reconciliation Council.

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