HomemanshetThe clashes outcome in the war against terrorism

The clashes outcome in the war against terrorism

Our fighters launched an attack on terrorist locations in Hajin City and its surrounding areas, where they killed a big number of them and controlled new points, our fighters swept the liberated area and discovered a warehouse of weapons, ammo and a factory of mortars.

Meanwhile, the military engineering teams demined and fragmented mines and explosive devices, planted by terrorists.

our fighters could liberate more than 400 civilians on other frontline of this axis, where they were used as human shields to protect themselves, they helped them to reach safe areas that they liberated.

Our fighters went forward on other front-line of this axis, controlling 21 new points after they engaged violate clashes with terrorists, dozens of terrorists were killed as a result.

heavy clashes occurred between our forces and some members of the terrorist organization, In Al-Shafa axis, many terrorists were killed while the rest escaped.  However, the military engineering teams demined many mines, planted by the terrorist members.

The clashes’ last outcome

  • The killed terrorists: 147
  • The weapons, ammo and equipment, seized by our forces: Zagros weapon: 1, Barno weapon :4, snipe ring weapon: 12, RPG: 25, sniper bullet stores: 4, Doushka military weapon bass 23 M: 1, Aspijino rockets: 2, M16 weapon: 2, Kalashnikov weapons: 96, mortars artillery 120: 4, Doushka Ammo12:5 M: 1 box, a factory of making mortars: 1, RBG: 5, a warehouse of rehabilitating weapons and it contained BKC devices, Kalashnikov and snipers weapons: 1, stocks of Kalashnikov weapons: 200, A4 weapons:8,  BKC weapons devices: 2, Klashinkov weapon device: 7, communication devices: 77, Doushka 12:5 M: 1
  • Terrorists lose: destroying terrorists loses: 78, destroying mines locations: 2, destroying explosive cars: 6, destroying mortars locations: 3, destroying factories of explosive devices: 4, destroying locations of taking off Al-Dorn planes of spying: 1, cutting military roads used by terrorists: 2
  • The international coalition airstrike: 63 shells

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