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The committee of Social Affairs and Work in Manbij…. support for IDPs and a goal to employ all society sections


Since 15 Aug 2016, Mnbij Military Coucil could liberate Manbj from the terrorism of ISIS, where, the people of the city are engaging a tough war regarding improving the public and privet services of their city.


Since the liberation of the city by the hand of its male and female population, Manbij has started to be activated with life again, taking off the darkness of terrorism. As soon as it was liberated, it was honored with the establishment of the first civil Administration via both legislature and executive branches as well as social and justice commissions.


Manbij executive council has started its work since 12 March 2017, where it started rearranging and reorganizing people’s issues, where 13 committee was springing up from it, covering service, education, security cultural, art, economic, social, health and organizing services. The committees are as following:


municipalities, education, internal, art and culture, economy finance, social relation, social affairs and work, heath, youth and sport, woman, self-defense and Martyrs Families committees

after liberating the city, the recruitment office was set up at 5-9-2016, then many committees were formed in 12-3-2016, where the committee of social affairs and work started its formal work extended into many offices affiliated to it, as following :

  • Hundreds of work opportunities

Recruitment office: where all data of the people who submit for work get registered, including the certificates that they have and their experiences as well, however, the office sends recruitments demands based on required specializations, after issuing the advertisement, where more than 800 people got employed out of 7000 registered members during 2017, while the number of registered members in 2018 were 3102.

Special need cards:

Special Needs Cards (disability) Office: it was established in 15\7\2017, it aims to provide the care and assistance to the disables, the disabilities are (movement, mental, optics), where these cases get prioritized in getting employed, however, 460 disability cards were distributed in Manbij city and its countryside during 2017, while the number of registered cases in 2018, reached 1100 case.

The IDPs affairs office:

As influx of IDPs from many different regions of Syria came to the area, there was a necessity to organize their issues and provide minimum conditions for living, the office made statistics for the IDPs as well as doing gradual visits to them in order to verify their situation in coordination with the humanitarian organizations in addition to having field tours to camps.

3 camps accumulate (10000) IDPs.

Camp Administrations: are the offices affiliated to the social affairs and work committee, however, there are 2 camps in Manbij city (eastern- western)

  • Western Camp of Manbij:
  • It is located 5 KM away from south west of the city, with square of 12 Hectar, where 35 tents offered from Kurdish Red Crescent, 350 tents offered by UNHCR and 50 random tents, however, the number of IDPs inside that camp is about 500 families with the average of 4000 individuals, from the areas of Dair Hafer, Maskana, Al-Khafsa, Raqqa and Dair Al-Zor.

The eastern camp of Manbij:

It is located in south east of Manbij, between both Al-Sultanya and Rasm Akhdar, with square of 60 Donum, the camp contains more than 251 tents, most of its inhabitants are from Maskana, Dair Hafir, Raqqa and Dair Al—Zor…where the number of the population is 1575 person, the number of old people are 65, children under 5 years old are 610 people, while disables are 37 case. However, the number of tents were increased to 345 tent inhabited with 1920 person currently.

The eastern camp (the new camp) was established in 1-3-2018, in Rasm Al-Akhdar village, it can contain 470 tent, it is inhabited with 3500 persons.

Material and moralistic support to IDPs:

The committee is coordinating and supervising the organizations’ activities and organizing the offering of the moralistic and material services to the camps population, the organizations are (People in Need), Concern, DCA, Al-Mawada association, Rojava organization, WFP, Global and IRD, however, both UNICEF and UNHCR have tours to the camps to verify the IDPs situations and their needs in addition to a delegation of the international coalition.

Manbij Relief Organization: it is affiliated to the social affairs and work committee, it works on helping the poor IDPs, it plays a big role in providing tents and its needed facilities, the organization was established in in 16\6\2016, it started working with the assistance of the civil council, moreover, it started receiving support b the working organizations in Al-Jazeera district such as AVS, Concern, MSF and Kurdish Red Crescent the support stopped to the organization after the security situation stabilized, it continued working until 15-3-2017.

Meanwhile, the organization supervised the distribution of purchase vouchers to 1644 families of poor IDPs families, divided between the eastern and western lines of the city, offered by Mercy Corps Organization, also it distributed winter clothes to the neighborhoods that are divided in the eastern and western lines, offered by the association of Surya Al-Yamama, where it included 13 thousand cartoons for children stuff, targeting the age between 1 year to 14 years old.


SDF-Media Center.

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