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The culture and art committee launched many activities in Al-Tabqa.

Al-Tabqa_ the culture and art committee is preparing for starting many different activities in Al-Tabqa at the beginning of this year.

However, the cultural center is representing the main point of launching activities that they get prepared now.

The most important activity is the poetry and literature conference that would be held in this month on Al-Tabqa level, moreover, a caricature exhibition and singing plays would be held, these would represent the traditions, customs and social values at the end of this month, in addition to poems conference and music, however there is a preparation for hand craft exhibition and curving, it will be organized at the end of this week.

The co-chair of the culture and art committee in Al-Tabqa civil council (Ali-Al-Alaya) said: (we started 2019 with preparing many activities, after we got more resources and fertile background to launch art and cultural activities, also because the culture represents the people’s identity that we always aim to maintain, and reactivate it again in cooperation with all the society components of Al-Tabqa and its countryside.

It worth mentioning that the art and culture committee won many prices, throughout the participation of all teams in the activities that are held on north of Syria level.

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