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The Martyrs’ Families Office is verifying the situation of 4 families.

Al-Tabqa_ The Office of Martyrs Families organized a visit to 4 Martyrs’ families in Al-Tabqa in order to check the families’ situation and verify their problems.

The office completed its visit to the families, where their number reached 70 families in Al-Tabqa city, except its countryside, however these visits came as appreciation for martyrs’ sacrifices as well as emphasized the support that SDF offers for the martyrs in both moralistic and financial sides (Martyrs salaries and relief aid).

However, during the visit to the martyr Abdullah’s family, his mother expressed on her gratitude for the visit and said: “My son Abdullah was martyred sacrificing for the safety that we live now, martyrs are my sons who did epics of championship and freedom  for us and for home as well”.

Regarding this visit, Omer Ismael,the member of Martyrs Families Office  of Al-Tabqa clarified saying:

” we finished visits for the third time, where we visited 22 families since last week, the number of the martyrs’ families in the city are just 70, we visited them, except the countryside, however, we have visits to the countryside in the next coming days.

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