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The public relation office meeting with tribal sheiks in Al-Mansoura

Al-Tabqa_ the Public Relations office, affiliated to SDF, held a meeting with tribal sheiks in the tribal reconciliation building in Al-Mansoura town in order to discuss the economic situation and the development’s needed methods in North region of Syria.

“Walat Haj Ali”, the minister of the general finance office in the self-Administration of north Syria, representatives of North Syria Self-Administration, members of civil Administration of Al-Tabqa, some tribal Sheiks, notable people, dealers and economic actors of Al-Tabqa attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed the mechanism of developing the economic situation and trade in the region, as well as activating the internal and external trade.

However, during the meeting, (Walat Ali) talked about the future economic plans that would be applied during the coming months in order to improve the economic situation, living level and individuals’ incomes, moreover, he mentioned the available capacity that can be invested in the regions of north of Syria to implement new projects that can have an effect in raising the economic level in our region.

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