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A brief on the trainings of the regiment of the martyr (Avrash)

The fighters of the regiment of  the martyr Avrash received their training 10 days ago in the academy of the martyr in Juma Al-Nazal in Jurnya.

The training round was entitled (Mahmoud Raqqa), named on a fighter of the martyr Avrash regiment, who got martyred ,at late 2018,  in the battle of liberating Dair Al-Zor.

The course which will continue for 45 days is divided into 2 parts:

A section for thinking and cultural lessons, where its date is 20 days, fighters receive ethical and cultural lectures such as:

The goal of the academy training and its importance

Criticism and self-criticism as well as the military disciplinary

Ethical lessons, related to daily life of the fighters and others

Military training department, where fighters receive training on the light and medium weapons.

Fayad Shahin, the trainer in the martyr Jumma Al-Nazzal, said: “we train fighters first culturally then military, where this creates a harmony between thinking and military trainings, to complete each other and to enhance fighters will and their fighting ability”.

Shahin mentioned that a divers and inclusive office was set up in the academy building, and provided books for the fighters which want to know more and enhance cultural and thinking abilities.

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