Homemanshet(Ali Raqqa) round fighters continue their training.

(Ali Raqqa) round fighters continue their training.

Al-Tabqa_ 260 fighters, from Al-Tabqa, Dair Al-Zor and their countryside are receiving military training in the martyr (Abbas) regiment within a training course, entitled (Ali Raqqa).

However, the fighters get trained on light and medium weapons (Kalashnikov, ARBJ artillery, BKC and Doushka (12.5).

Mustafa Al-Ahmad, the military trainer, talked about the training: ” fighters are divided into groups, each one contains 50 fighters, where they receive their training.

The training include confronting enemies during clashes, fast raids, martial art and dealing with mines.

The training date of each group is 15 days, where each group gets ready to join fighting frontline as soon as they finish their training.

It worth mentioning that most of the fighters participated many times in the liberation campaigns of Dair Al-Zor neighborhoods, but these trainings come as a preparation that SDF does for its fighters to be highly ready to confront any risk that may threats the region’s safety.

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