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Awarding party for the advanced students in Raqqa

Omer Bin Abdul-Azeez school arranged an awarding party for the advanced students in the first mid-term semester, in Raqqa city, as they faced many obstacles in last years because of ISIS terrorist organization

The awarding party in Omer Bin Abdul-Azeez school started with the attendance of education Committee members, Martyrs Families Center and Students relatives, however, Students showed many plays that represented their will for being advanced and encounter the difficulties that they faced in last years.

Alaa Husain Al-Saleh, the administrate member in Omer Bin Abdul-Azeez school, made sure that students were advanced at the first semester and showed resistance to all the difficulties and said: (we awarded 50 female and male students today, this was a result of teachers efforts in continuing on the success trace, however, after 7 years of ignorance and darkness, Raqqa students are getting advanced in occupy high levels in their studding).

During the awarding party, the student’s exhibition was set up, where the ribbon was cut by (Khalaf Al-Ibrahim), the head of the presidential education committee, however, the exhibition included handcraft cartoon work and other drawings.

The awarding party was ended with distributing advance certificates to the advanced students.


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