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Setting up Free clinic in Saif Al-Dawla neighborhood

Raqqa_ The Syriac Mar Afram association, in coordination with heath committee, affiliated to Raqqa Civil Council, set up a clinic in Saif Al-Dawla neighborhood, in the northern side of Euphrates river.

Muhammad Chawish, the administrate member of the clinic, in Raqqa, said that they set this clinic due to the poverty of people and far distance that civilians take to access the hospitals.

However, the clinic will offer its services (diagnosing and medicine) to more than 800 cases in a week for free, this will decrease the pressure on patients that need to reach the near hospitals.

Chawish added that the clinic contains modern medical devices, especially in the internal and women sickness, it also has X ray device, however, the specializations will be extended, referring that they receive 120 patients per day.

It worth mentioning that the center is making operations for free based on the available capacity in the center.

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