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Til Abyad…Peace Symbol and co-existence icon

News Center_ Til Abyad is a Syrian city, located 100 KM away from Raqqa City, alongside the Turkish-Syrian border. The population number of this city was 15000 people in 2004, this number was doubled many times during Syrian war years that started in 2011 without having formal statistics.

However, there are 3 administrative districts, affiliated to the city: Giri Spi-Til Abyad, Sluk and Ain Issa, where it has 460 villages, it also has crossing road of Til Abyad, in front of Turkish Akçıkela town. The city is located on the spring of Al-Balikh of the river (Ain Al-Arus) which made it strategic location, however, it was named with this name due to one archeological hill that has stucco white stones.

Its fertile soil, available water and strategic location attracted people  to live there since the past time, when the trade roads changed it turned to agricultural town, then its importance returned after establishing the eastern fast metal train bar alongside the Turkish and Syrian border which divided the town into two parts, the northern part in Turkey, while the southern part is located in Turkey, it represents the center of  the current city of Til Abyad.

Arabs represent the majority of the city population, in addition to Kurds, Turkmen and Araman and Asyrian Christians.

On the other hand, its people practice commercial and agricultural trade in addition to some industrial activities.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in March 2011, the city was controlled by many militant directions including the terrorist organization “Al-Nusra front” until the ISIS domination in 2014.

The city remained under the ISIS control until its liberation by people and women protection units in 15 Jun 2015, directly supported by the international coalition led by USA.

After its liberation, its Democratic self-Administration was established In 22th June 2015, as a result of people components efforts, where it extended into 11 committees that managed and organized citizen life aspects including:  protection, economy, education, social affairs and work, woman, energy, culture and art, Social justice, youth, finance and heath committees, however, the city backed step by step, in all life aspects, to its good situation after war years.

Til Abyad has known as peace symbol and coexistence icon between all the components, where Arabs live side by side with Kurds and Turkmen, and Muslims live side by side with Christians in fraternity peaceful way.

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