Homemanshet/40/thousand m 3 of rubble are deported monthly

/40/thousand m 3 of rubble are deported monthly

Raqqa – People’s Municipality continue to remove rubble from city’s neighborhoods and open the streets in front of the people, in preparation for the rehabilitation of damaged roads.

 On a daily basis, the vehicles ahead to the streets and alleys to remove the rubble, remove the rubble from the city’s neighborhoods and use it to build roads to facilitate the traffic of cars and civilians.

The head of the technical services in People’s Municipality, “Ammar Mohammed al-Hussain,” talked about the mechanism of their work in the municipality and explained: “The service section remove the rubble from city’s neighborhoods in coordination with the People’s Councils, and operations are concentrated of removal and deportation in AL-Nahdah and AL-Intifada neighborhoods

“Al-Hussein” added: “The rubble is used in the process of laying the roads in the random districts to pave and preparation for asphalt in the fourth month of this year.

It is worth to mention that People’s Municipality deported / 40000 / m 3 of the rubble monthly and move to ​​”Tal al-Bayah” area away from the city, in order to protect the civilians because these rubbles “sometimes” contain explosive devices and mines and then bring some of them to pave the other roads.

SDF: Media Center

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