Homemanshet800 fighters graduate from Martyr “Rizkar Amanus” Academy

800 fighters graduate from Martyr “Rizkar Amanus” Academy

Raqqa – Martyr “Rizkar Amanus” Academy graduated the course of Martyr “Salama Raqqa”, including 800 fighters, by forming four regiments, the Martyr “Doldar” battalion, Martyr “Zoba” battalion, Martyr “Bakdash” battalion and Martyr “Osama” battalion for commandos

The ceremonies, which were attended by leaders of SDF and leaders of the International Coalition and members of civil institutions, began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by the fighters.

Kendall Raqqa leader in SDF, said: “I bless the victories and sacrifices made by the fighters on Deir Ezzor’s fronts, and we are now in the final stage of eliminating the terrorist organization in Deir Ezzor. What is required from us as military forces are the obligation to protect the Syrian territories from all sides.

He added: “The achievements that we have achieved at all levels will help us to build a united Syria of the land and people. Finally, we congratulate our fighters on completing their training and we hope that they will be helpful in the construction process after liberation.

The ceremonies concluded by the performance of the military oath amid the cheers of martyrdom and martyrs.

SDF: Media Center

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