HomedialogueSaif Al-Dawla clinic offers free medical care and first aid.

Saif Al-Dawla clinic offers free medical care and first aid.

Seif Al-Dawla Health Center continues to provide free treatment and first aid services to civilian patients.

Ahmed Sallom the administrator of the clinic, confirmed that the clinic is open 24 hours and it gives help and medical care for free in order reduce the burden of the people who come from far away and do not have the ability to go to the private hospitals.

He also mentioned the services provided by the clinic which includes first aid such as cleaning the wound, pressure control, high arterial tension, observe the sugar of blood, treating the light injuries which are caused by traffic accidents, burns, in addition to this the clinic provided some medicines for free as well as dosages for diabetes.

There is a department which treat leishmania and thalassemia. There are some expertise and specialized doctors working in children and the internal department.It is worth mentioning that the clinic daily receives 300 cases whom need first aid, most of them are children. The clinic gives them with blood if it is necessary.SDF-Media Center

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