HomenewsThe municipality of people paved Kornish street with rubble

The municipality of people paved Kornish street with rubble

Raqqa – . The Municipality of people in Raqqa continues its work to cover the streets of the city with  rubble. Because of the weather and heavy rain in the city, which formed patches of water in the streets and digging within the streets which hinder the process of driving vehicles

Ammar El-Hussein head of the Technical Services Department of the municipality of people in Raqqa city confirmed that the municipality continues its work by fixing the patches and digging. He continued saying” today we started paving Kornish Street towards the Al-Hall market with the rubble to facilitate the passage of cars and processing of the stage of asphalt. We are facing difficulties because of weather conditions which prevent our work.

We will continue to pave all roads which are damaged and fill the drilling and when the weather becomes appropriate we will start the stage of asphalt pavement in Raqqa city.

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