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Committee of Self-Defense in Tabqa .. Organization of the affairs of the fighters and the establishment of a defensive army

Tabqa- The Committee for Self-Defense in Tabqa one of the committees of the Executive Council, which was established on 1/11/2017 and began to work to facilitate the participation of the residents of Tabqa to protect and defend the city. The center of self-defense in Tabqa was opened on 13/12/2017. It began to receive young people from the city and its countryside and register them to enroll in training courses.

In cooperation with the Public Relations Office in the Civil Council in Tabqa, a committee of the Center of Self-Defense organized awareness campaigns for residents. The heads of the committee visited many residents in the city and its countryside and in cooperation with the communes and general houses of the people, they held several meetings to urge the residents to convince their children to join the self-defense.

The first training course of the self-defense forces was opened in the Tabqa area in the academy of martyr (Bashar Jariba), in Sheikh Juma village in the countryside of Tabqa on 31/12/2017.


There is a brigade which belong to the committee self-defense. This brigade consists from volunteers from Tabqa and its countryside and there is regiment called martyr Zana regiment in its ranks. It consists of 250 volunteers from the residents of Tabqa. Now there is some preparations for establishing another regiment.

The academy of martyr (Bashar Jariba) also belongs to the self-defense committee where the fighters are trained and receive military training. Each course lasts 45 days. The training is supervised by specialists between 7 and 10 within each course. For the performance of their military duties, in the protection and maintenance of public installations and property such as dams, civil and military institutions, as well as border protection.


The Academy has so far ended (5) courses for self-defense fighters:

  • The first training course began on 31/12/2017. It was named after the martyr “Ahmed Raka” and included 63 fighters.
  • The second training course began on 1/3/2018. It was named after the martyr “Ali Kobani” and included 121 fighters.
  • The third training course began on 21/5/2018. It was named after the martyr “Moayad al-Hindi” and included 233 fighters
  • The fourth training course began on 11/10/2018. It was named after the martyr “Mohammed al-Muhammad” and included 229 fighters

The fifth training course began on 13/2/2019.  It was named after the martyr “Abdullah Almglag” and included 84 fighters.


The General Directorate of the Self-Defense was established on 1/7/2018. Its mission was to supervise the center of the self-defense, coordinate with the Self-Defense Committee and supervise the demobilization of fighters who completed their military service.

The first, second and third courses were demobilized after the mandatory period of service for the fighters. The sixth training course is now being prepared within the martyr academy (Bashar Jariba).

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