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Council of  martyrs’ families .. Supervising  and organizing families of martyrs of  Tabqa

Tabqa-The committee of families of martyrs in Tabqa, one of the committees of the Executive Council, which was established in November 2017, within the democratic civil administration, after the liberation of the city from the terrorists of ISIS “Daash.” And was formed on the basis of the Office of the families of martyrs preceded, which began its activities in July 2017.

The committee started its activities from (10) people of martyrs’ families of the city. Its mission was to follow up matters related to the families of the martyrs and to provide financial  and moral assistance to them within the available resources.


After the expansion of its activities, a council of martyrs’ families emerged in May 2018. It supervises 160 families of martyrs and regulates their affairs, 44 of which are in the city and 116 in the countryside of Tabqa City. It consists of a group of sub-offices:

The Office of the Joint Presidency supervises the work of the Council and coordinates with the Civil Council in relation to the families of the martyrs. The Board of Directors of the Council organizes the activities of the Council – the Finance Office, Grants the financial dues of the martyrs to their families – the Office of the Archives, documents the activities which the Council organizes or takes part in them.

The Council has the following committees:

The reconciliation committee is composed of 4 persons whose task is to resolve the disputes that arose between the families of the martyrs, and was able to resolve most of the disputes presented to them. Some of them were referred to the Social Justice Court for decision. The Health Committee provides free health services to the martyrs’ families. The Committee of Wives of the Martyrs follows the situation of the wives of the martyrs and their children and provides them with the necessary assistance within their means. The number of wives registered in the Council’s archives 60 and 140 children.

The Council supervises the funeral of the martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters and the civilian population who lost their lives as a result of the combat operations or the remnants of the terrorist “Da’ash” organization, as well as supervising the martyrs’ shrine in Al Tabqa, which includes the bodies of 135 martyrs. In order to solve the problems they face within the available resources, provide the necessary health services, and coordinate with the office of the martyrs’ families in resolving the differences and problems facing the families of the martyrs, one of which is a military person.


Since its establishment, the Council has carried out a number of public events. It organizes a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of the city and the countryside on a monthly basis, as well as holding a conference on the northern Syrian level in the middle of October 2018, in which members of the families of the martyrs participated in Raqqa, Hasaka and Deir Ezzor. It also issued a statement denouncing calls by some tribal sheikhs of the “Euphrates Shield” mercenaries to enter the area. In addition to a number of marches and other mass events. The Council periodically presents a documentary about the lives and careers of the martyrs.

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