HomenewsMunicipality of the people qualify the roundabout of “Mafraq Hizme”

Municipality of the people qualify the roundabout of “Mafraq Hizme”

Raqqa – The Municipality of people in Raqqa City started repairing of “Mafraq Hizme” roundabout which is located in the northern part of Raqqa city.The head of the technical department in the municipality of the people and the project manager, “Mohammed al-Bakri confirmed that the project came after several rehabilitation (repairing) works started by the municipality previously, such as Dawar al-Naim and other projects.

He said: “We began the processes of removing the old roundabout completely and the establishment of new basic to be poured with cement, then it will be equipped with new decorations in the form of circles, each of which will be equipped with a different color after that the roundabout will be fully cultivated.

Al-Bakri added that the project will last for a month and a half and will costs six million and forty thousand Syrian Pounds.

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