HomenewsThe second anniversary of the liberation Tabqa city

The second anniversary of the liberation Tabqa city

Tabqa-the people of Tabqa city remembered the anniversary of the liberation of their city from the terrorist organization ISIS on May 1, 2017, they remembered the greatness of the martyrs who poured the soil of the homeland with their pure blood and painted the path of freedom and dignity.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, the Syrian Democratic Council and the Democratic civil administration have managed over the two years to organize the society and attracting people to serve the development and liberation process. The city witnessed the formation of many institutions and civil committees and activating the role of women so that they are able to participate in all fields.

Jano Palank a fighters in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces said:”We celebrate the second anniversary of the liberation of our people from the injustice and homelessness they have endured in the hands of the mercenaries, it is the commemoration of the realization of the will of peoples for a free life. We salute our people in the democratic territory of Syria and wish them victory all the time.

Laila Hemo, a fighter in the women’s protection units ranks in Tabqa, praised the second anniversary of the liberation of the mothers of the martyrs and the people of northern Syria, and pledged to preserve the gains made by their sacrifices.

Laila noted that the liberation of Tabqa was a new beginning for women and an opportunity for a free life, free from fear, injustice and previous ideas of slavery.

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