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A literacy course for the children Meza’at Yarub Camp

Raqqa – The Euphrates Development Organization, in collaboration with the Education Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa, started implementing a literacy course for the children of the random camps in the western countryside of Raqqa.

Children of random camps, such as the children of Mazra’at Yarub camp, who have not had the opportunity to learn in schools because of the circumstances of their parents benefit from it.

The course started at the beginning of this month and will last for three months. It was attended by 50 children in the first stage and their ages are between 7-12 years. They are displaced from the countryside of Aleppo, Homs and Hama.

Preparations are under way for the second phase, which will begin early next month and 90 children who are helping their families by working in agriculture and animal husbandry will join the course, after coordinating with their families they will join the literacy course in the afternoon hours, which is appropriate to their circumstances.

Children are taught reading, writing, numeracy, drawing, sports, etc., in accordance with a specific literacy program and providing psychological support to them through the implementation of a range of activities which children participate in.

We started implementing a program of literacy and psychological support for the children of random camps in Mazra’at Yarub in the western countryside of Raqqa in order to erase their illiteracy and integrate them into society by providing them with education and psychological support to alleviate their suffering during the past years. Psychological Support Trainer in the Euphrates Development Organization Farouk al-Jassim said.

He added that the current number is50 children and will rise to 140 at the beginning of next month, where 90 children will join in the second phase of the course at Mazra’at Yarub.

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