HomenewsRehabilitation of 10 km of Salhabiya road

Rehabilitation of 10 km of Salhabiya road

Raqqa – The People’s Municipality of Salhabiya continues to rehabilitate and repair the roads in Salhabiya village and the villages belong to it to alleviate the suffering of the people and facilitate the movement inside the village.

The municipality is working on the project of rehabilitating and paving 10 km of roads in both Western and Eastern Salhabiya and Khayala.

The most important places for the people of the region were chosen. The road connecting the villages of Khayaliya and Sahlabiya Al-Sharqiya and the entrance of Sahlabiya Al-Sharqiya and Al Gharbiya will be restored.

“We are continuing the work of restoring and rehabilitating the roads with the available machines and possibilities, where the drilling is completed and the roads are paved and then the material of residues and sediment is settled and paved in preparation for asphalting, the official in the technical office in the municipality of the people in Sahlabiya Turki al-Sharida said.

He added the aim of the project is to facilitate the movement of transport inside and outside the villages and to repair roads that have been damaged and closed in the past periods.

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