HomenewsSilos of Al-Rafiqah opens its doors to receive wheat

Silos of Al-Rafiqah opens its doors to receive wheat

Raqqa The Economy Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa opened the center of Al-Rafiqah silos in Raqqa city to receive and buy grain from farmers in order to facilitate farmers’ affairs and reduce wages. The center of Al-Rafiqah silos is the first place in Raqqa city after ISIS had destroyed the silos of the city (cement).

The director of Al-Rafiqah Center for buying grain, Fathi El Hassan, confirmed the opening of the center and the receipt of grain from the farmers.  He said “We opened the center of silos yesterday in to buy the crops from the farmers, where we received 50 machines on the first day.

The number of workers at the center has been increased to facilitate farmers’ affairs after overcrowding in other centers.

“we informed the farmer about the acceptable wheat grade regarding it cleanliness and quality, and we equipped the silos with a storage capacity of 11 thousand tons. After filling, the grains will be transferred to Shirakrak silos, which are stored at 50 thousand tons.

The step of opening the center of Al-Rafiqah came after the completion of the center of Al-Sahlabiya and Badr filled with wheat, which will issue checks to the farmers during the next days at a price of 16000 SP for the first degree of the ton.

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