HomenewsThe team of future makers starts lighting Al-Mansour Street

The team of future makers starts lighting Al-Mansour Street

Raqqa – The team of future makers in Raqqa city started a project to install new lighting columns instead of the old ones that were destroyed.

The project included the installation of columns and connecting the cables with each other in addition to lighting Al-Mansour Street from Al-Siyasiyah station till the archaeological wall.

“In order to illuminate the entire city, we are about to complete the project of installing columns and lighting Al-Mansour Street, after the maintenance of the old columns (welding, and puting new columns instead of old ones)”. This is what was confirmed by the manager of the lighting project, the engineer in team of future makers Nofal Khalil.

The project extends from the old bridge and Siyasiyah street to the archaeological wall in the center of the city and the installation of 100 lighting devices in Al-Mansour Street, in addition to a project similar to Al-Mansour Street in Al-Nour Street will start and will take about a month which includes the installation of columns and / 140 / lighting devices.

A generator was equipped with the capacity / 100 / volt and will be placed at Siyasiyah station to illuminate the city” Khalil said.

He ended his speech by saying: “This project came in coordination between the People’s Municipality and the Department of Energy and Communications and the team of future makers after studying the technical conditions of the project.

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