HomenewsBeekeeping in rural of Raqqa

Beekeeping in rural of Raqqa

Raqqa – Beekeeping has taken an important role in the life of the people of Raqqa rural after the revival of agricultural activity amid the efforts of the Directorate of Agriculture in Raqqa to form a group of beekeepers to organize their work and provide support for them and the development of beekeeping projects.

A number of the residents of Raqqa have been working as beekeepers for several years, and bees help to increase agricultural production by pollinating the flowers of crops that feed on its nectar. It produces several types of honey.

Ahmed al-Anin, one of the beekeepers in the western countryside of Raqqa talked about the economic benefit of beekeeping , saying: Bees are of great economic benefit, despite the cost of materials for production, where honey is harvest every two months if the food is available well, and the rate of production of each Box containing 20 kg or more and the price of one kilogram to 8,000 Syrian pounds depending on its good quality.

Al-Anin also explained the problems that bee breeders suffer from the spread of bee birds that feed on bees, farmers’ use of pesticides in the fields and the lack of availability of bee medicines.

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