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Press Statement

After several months of direct talks  between  United Nations officials and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) representatives, in consultation with the  Special Representative of General Secretary (SRGS) of UN,  who is in  charge  of  the  Children and  Armed Conflict issues to implement the International laws on the rights and protection of children who are affected by armed conflict in Syria in accordance with  the UN Security Council Resolution 1612 (2005) plus the Convention of Children Rights that was singed in 1989,and Geneva Convention in 1949 and it’s additional Protocol, and based by  Paris Principals about the Children who are associated with armed groups in 2007,  the  SDF  and the North East Syria Self Administration ( NES SA)  have signed Joint Action Plan with the UN on  29 June, in Geneva,  at Palais des Nations.

The Joint Action Plan was signed by the SRGS Mrs. Virginia Gamba, SDF General  Commander Mr. Mazlum Abdi , Mrs. Neirouz Ahmed who is a senior member within SDF  and Women Protection Unites (YPJ) and the Co-Chair of  NES SA Mr. Adb Hamd Al-Mhbash after a last long discussion on the needs of Children Protection  and providing assistance for them in the region of Self Administration for north and east Syria (NES).

SDF Commanders, Mr. Abdi and Mrs. Ahmed, and NES SA’s Co-Chair Al-Mhbash welcomed UN support for the implementation of the Joint Action Plan and address the route causes of the problems that children are facing in NES at the daily basis ,During the discussion at the Palais des Nations ,Mr. Al-Mhbash, has explained in-depth the current needs of children and all services and efforts  that have been conducting for  the last  seven years by  his  administration in order to provide the children with the best future in term of security, education and health, despite the ongoing armed conflict and their limited capacity; as well as, they  assured the SRGS of UN with their total support for the proper implementation of the Joint Action Plan and asked the SRGS to encourage  the international community to support the NES SA in its efforts and to  assist with much larger support to  thousands of children who are leaving in hard conditions in refugee camps, hoping to find an inclusive political solution for the Syrian crisis and play a stronger role to end the ongoing destructive war and participate at  the peace building process.

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