HomenewsSyrian Women’s Academy ends its Third Course

Syrian Women’s Academy ends its Third Course

Tabaq – The Syrian Women’s Academy in Tabqa ended today its third course in this year, it is the twelfth courses since its opening.

The course carried the name of the martyr Roj Kivara, lasted for 22 days, and included 15 / trainee from various institutions of civil society fromTabqa, Raqqa and Deira Zour.

During the course, the trainees received a series of educational and political lectures that varied between the history of women and their pioneering role in building a free democratic society and contributing to its development and defense.

The director of Syrian Women’s Academy Reem Al-Obeid pointed out that women in northern and eastern Syria have risen up and built their independent personality and proved their presence in society.

These courses were aimed at organizing, educating and developing women and their own capacities for the advancement of society, because women are the basis for building societies.

“I joined the training course to receive academic training, which develops institutional work and guarantees the principles of democracy and we seek to develop our society by developing ourselves through awareness and organization of women in all,” the trainee Media Madawar said.

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