HomenewsThe announcement of four projects in one activity in Raqqa

The announcement of four projects in one activity in Raqqa

Raqqa – The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee launched an activity in which it announced the launch of four service projects for Raqqa city, supported by the Euphrates main support program which support the Civil Council of Raqqa.

The projects included the rehabilitation of the electricity of the tenth sector, the operation of the machines for the removal of rubble, the rehabilitation of water and sanitation networks and the project of the initial response team.

The projects which will cost 1586000$, most of them are a continuation of previous projects, were launched by the Civil Council and the People’s Municipality, said Ahmed al-Khalil, the head of the local administration and municipalities committee.

According to Engineer Mohamed El Hassan The project of the third phase of the rehabilitation of water and sanitation networks will cost ($ 360742), with a human capacity of 153 workers, 47 water network workers, 69 sanitation workers, 18 heavy machinery drivers and 23 Staff and administrative staff overseeing those works within a period of three months, which can be increased according to working conditions, and will replace 6759 meters of water networks in all sectors and neighborhoods of Raqqa city.

As for the sanitation networks, El Hassan confirmed that approximately 3,115 meters of sanitation networks will be fully replaced and rehabilitated, in addition to 125 meters of winter sewage to be built in the streets with BVC blocks supporting it.

As for the work of the initial response team, the team leader Yasser Al-Khamis revealed the future plans for their work, which he gave a period not exceeding six months at a cost of up to $ 416,000, including following the exhumation of the corpses in Tala’a camp (Pioneers camp) and the subsequent move to the cemetery of the Western Salhabiya, Tel Zeidan, All cemeteries for field executions.

The initial response team will continue its work on the removal of concrete blocks which may fall after receiving 117 reports and provide first aid to traffic accidents and mines.

More than 600 fires in agricultural crops were extinguished by the firefighting team of the initial response team.

The operation of the machines is also one of the projects that have been announced as part of the activity, according to the project’s director, Ishaq Al-Salloum, to remove the rubble from Raqqa neighborhoods and reopen the roads, which are closed on a daily basis due to the reconstruction work taking place in the city.

The rubble is used to pave roads in the rural areas of Raqqa in an emergency manner, according to Salloum. At a cost of up to $ 219,000 and up to a maximum of five months. The operation of the operating machines, which includes the provision of water to the people whose water has been cut off for maintenance work, will begin by means of dedicated tanks.

The fourth project, which was announced is to rehabilitate the electricity of the tenth sector through the Committee of Energy and Communications whom should implement the project, to restore electricity to the city which its infrastructure is destroyed.

A member of the Committee of Energy and Communications Issa Al-Hassan stressed that the works that have been accomplished are summarized as the following: restoring electricity to the whole Raqqa and feed all the pumps of drinking water and irrigation and the supplying of electricity to three neighborhoods in the city, such as Al Mashlab, Al Mukhtalata and  industry district.

The project, (to be launched under the name of the tenth sector), includes five new centers with different electric capacity and two medium voltage lines, which are the main gateway to electricity access to the city from its northern side, up to four months with a value of $ 587,000 and a human capacity of 47 workers.


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