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The popular markets in Raqqa are the main destination of the people

Raqqa – Raqqa city is characterized by the abundance and diversity of markets that includes luxury and traditional shops that secure all the needs and requirements of all society, but the popular markets have a special atmosphere that is distinguished from the others.

The large part of society is attracted to the popular markets for their variety of goods and the reduction of their prices, making it a destination for the poor and competitive sectors of the markets and shops in the city, which is always crowded.

Markets of a simple popular nature are a destination, as shoppers see all their requirements at reasonable prices that fit with their ability to purchase them and commensurate with their daily income.

The district of Mashlab, which is witnessing a large population has seen the phenomenon of traditional popular markets, where some residents of the neighborhood have the ability to open popular random markets, which provides them with all the goods they want to compete with the prices of large shops.

Hussein Al-Ahmad, one of the owners of popular shops spoke, saying: We opened the random popular markets and called the name (Bazaar) and witnessing the congestion of the people of the neighborhood and the movement and the demand to buy them is good.

There are markets that vary from all the necessities required by the people of the district of the Mashlab of new and used parts and the majority of the people go to markets that do not fit them from the increase in price and disproportionate to their limited income.

He added that the market is open every day of the week everywhere in the neighborhood.

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