HomedialogueThe role of women fighters in military institutions

The role of women fighters in military institutions

Tabqa- Women participated in all stages of the Syrian revolution, and had an active role in the process of liberation and victory over the terrorist organization ISIS.

The role of women fighters has not ended after the victory but has continued to provide more through its activities in institutions and military centers. Today women stand side by side with men in all aspects of working life.

” the woman fighters in north and east Syria is one of the ideal models of social equality. She contributes to building a better society through its participation in the organizational, military and civil life,” Jinda Amara one of the directors of Women’s Protection Units YPJ said.

“A clear example of the importance of women’s role and participation in society is the work of women fighters in various centers and offices and military institutions, including the Office and Foundation of the families of martyrs and the Office of the families of the fighters in addition to the archive, the media and others.

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