HomedialogueReception of  500 cases per day at Raqqa’s National Hospital

Reception of  500 cases per day at Raqqa’s National Hospital

Raqqa – Since the beginning of the fifth month of this year, the Raqqa’s National Hospital has been operating and receiving patients after a period of rehabilitation and restoration.

In light of the city’s conditions and its urgent need for medical and therapeutic services, the efforts of the doctors and cadres of the hospital were initially worked in the emergency and first aid department.

In the emergency department, several minor and difficult surgeries were performed under the initial hospital conditions.

The hospital administration worked to equip the kidney department and provide the department with equipment and devices. It is the only center in Raqqa which receive patients and give them medical care.

The Director of Raqqa’s National Hospital, Kassar Al-Ali, talked about the functioning of the hospital and the existing sections and said: “We worked to rehabilitate the hospital and opened it after the city returned to life and there is an urgent need for a hospital and a center that provides free treatment for patients and citizens.”

Al-Ali continued his speech saying: “in light of the limited number of the hospitals in the city and the high number of cases, the Department has been forced to work at a high pace in the preparation of departments and training cadres to meet all aspects of treatment.

Al-Ali said that the hospital receives 500 patients a day, including 250 in the outpatient clinics of the hospital and 250 in the first aid and emergency department.

Al-Ali explained that most cases received by the hospital are related to internal diseases and traffic accidents. The first aid surgery department receives cases referred from the clinics’ department and the first aid department for surgical operations.

For the Department of General Care is cardiac first aid care, 60%  is equipped and work is still ongoing.

The department of the kidney has been serving patients for a month and a half.

Al-Ali concluded by speaking about the difficulties facing the hospital, saying: “The hospital has 40 doctors with different specialties and 80 nurses covering the work 24 hours a day, but there is a great pressure on the nursing staff and a shortage of specialized doctors due to the increase in the number of patients and the opening of new departments and outpatient clinics. Such as a burn department and an ophthalmic clinic will be opened soon. ”

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