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The work of the supervisory committees in Hajin municipality 

Deira Zour – The Supply and Health Committee of the People’s Municipality in Hajin works to monitor the work of the ovens, pharmacies, shops and makes and conduct periodic tours on the markets and shops of the town and the neighboring villages.

The committee conducts daily tours on the ovens to check the quality of the manufactured bread and prices as well as periodic tours of pharmacies and shops to check the validity of materials and medicines and also monitors the prices of the sale of these materials.

“Our work includes monitoring the operation of the ovens, pharmacies and shops, and controlling the violations according to the laws. This is done by organizing daily patrols in the markets of Hajin town,” said Mohammed Al-Abdulla, head of the Supply and Health Committee.

He continued saying: “We see a good response from the owners of the furnaces, pharmacies, and shops, and this is reflected in the small number of warnings and violations given so far.

Al-Abdullah concluded by saying that they were able to control the irregularities and prices in the market. For example, the price of ice mold before the commission started was 600 SYP and now it is sold at 250 Syrian pounds.

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