HomenewsVillage of my country .. Rabia farm

Village of my country .. Rabia farm

Raqqa – Rabia farm is located west of Raqqa city and is 8 km away from it and the agricultural lands separate it from the outskirts of Raqqa city. It extends between Qahtaniya farm in the north and Ya’arub farm in the west and Hawi Hawa village in the south.

Rabia farm is one of the most beautiful villages of the countryside of Raqqa because it is located in the middle of an agricultural plain surrounded by irrigation canals and cypress trees and eucalyptus and many orchards of pomegranates and grapes, which gives the village a refreshing and moderate atmosphere.

The village is clearly marked in its structure between old buildings, which rely on clays and plaster and modern cement-based construction.

Khalaf Ahmed, a resident of Rabia farm, said: “There is a population of 3500 people in the farm, but the village did not expand because it is located near Raqqa city and the stability of a number of villagers.

Ahmed pointed out that most of the villagers are working in agriculture and raising livestock, pointing out that the residents of the village are descended from the tribes of Jaabat, Al Walda, and Amor.

The village was liberated on June 6, 2019, and its people immediately began to organize themselves in the communes and Councils in order to restore basic services such as electricity, water and roads and also opened two schools in the village.

And now many of its sons joined to the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces to defend the safety and security of citizens.

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