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Distribution of school bags in Raqqa

Raqqa – Under the slogan “ my school, I and science illuminate our path,” the local Committee of Education and teaching GAV4RD launched on Monday a campaign to distribute school bags to primary, preparatory and secondary schools’ students in a number of villages in the southern countryside of the city.

“We are working hard to restore life to the educational process in Raqqa and to encourage pupils and students to return to school with high spirits and psychological well-being and to draw a smile on their faces. The supervisor Abdul Rahman Al-Khatib said.

He added, “the campaign came in conjunction with the start of the school year, and we gave importance to primary school pupils being in the age of needing wallets to pursue their studies “.

He explained that each bag contains a number of notebooks, pens and some other supplies, noting that the number of bags distributed so far has reached 650 bags.

He concluded by mentioning the villages included in the campaign today, namely in the southern countryside such as Habib Al-Abdullah School in Ksarat, and the school of Ziyarat and Ratle in the village of Ratla, and the school Hawija in the village of Hawija Sawafi. The 15-day campaign will also include some villages in the northern countryside.

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