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More than 45,000 students join schools in Tabqa

Tabqa – Under the supervision of the Education Committee, Tabqa schools opened their doors on Sunday to receive students at the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year.

On the first day of the school, more than 45,000 students from the first grade to the 11th grade joined 195 schools in the city and its countryside.

The number of teachers distributed in schools reached 1,757 teachers who had undergone a summer training course.

The head of the committee, Hanano Khalifa, pointed out that all schools are ready to receive students and books are available, and they are suffering from the increasing number of pupils and students compared to the number of schools, but they are working to equip another 26 schools to reduce the burden, and the school  will be ready by the beginning of next month.

He added that the committee has developed a future plan to implement the project to equip 25 schools in the countryside and the city.

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