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Tabqa.. Afforestation of the southern neighborhood park

Tabqa – The Environment Department in Tabqa Municipality started planting on Tuesday various plantings in the southern neighborhood park south of Ajrawi roundabout in the city, after completing all preparations.

With the participation of members of the People’s Municipality and the Civil Council, more than 130 varieties of ornamental palms, pine, linden, and other varieties were planted in the park.

The head of the department, Jamal Abdul Latif, explained that work has been done and prepared for the project of afforestation in the southern neighborhood park of organizing and locating plantings and digging them before the start of the campaign for the park.

He added that more than 1000 plants have been planted so far through the previous campaigns launched by the department at the beginning of the third month of this year, in the martyr Avesta park, Wafa Park and the northern Kornishe of the city, and the park of Al Sanobari neighborhood and Omar Mukhtar Park.

He concluded by saying that the goal of afforestation campaigns throughout Tabqa, is to give the city a cultural luster and environmental character and encourage the community.

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