HomemanshetA meeting in Al Mansoura town and the release of participants of its events

A meeting in Al Mansoura town and the release of participants of its events

Tabqa – The leadership of the Internal Security Forces in Tabqa released yesterday the detainees of Al-Mansoura town events at a meeting of Al-Mansoura town.

The meeting was organized under the supervision of the Civil Administration of Tabqa and in coordination with the Tribal Reconciliation Council, with the aim of resolving the negative consequences which resulted due to the provocative acts in Al-Mansoura town which resulted in casualties and the injury of a number of the Al-Boukhmais clan and members of the Internal Security Forces.

The meeting was attended by members and administrators of the Executive Council of Tabqa, the Syrian Democratic Council, elders and dignitaries of the clans and a crowd of the people of Al-Mansoura.

During the meeting, a number of speeches were delivered, most notably one was by the Sheikh of Al-boukhamis clan, Bashir Hamdan Al-Hamshar, in which he welcomed the attendees and stressed the resolve of disputes between the clans and that they stand together with the self-administration in order to promote the reality of the region and face threats.

In her turn, member of the co-presidency of the Legislative Council in Tabqa Roshin Hami delivered a speech and welcomed the agreement between the clans and solving the existing conflict, and called for the unification of ranks and preserve the reality of the unified democratic society prevailing in the region. At the end of her speech, she stressed the unity between the people of the region and the administration to maintain security and stability.

Hassan Mohammed Ali, a member of the political council of the Syrian Democratic Council, also spoke stressing the need to make Tabqa, Raqqa and Deir Zour areas a model for brotherhood and unity among peoples.

At the end of the meeting, everyone welcomed this good initiative, which strengthens the bonds of love and tolerance between the people of the region and the administration. Those who participated in the riots in Al-Mansoura town were released in the first quarter of this year.

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