HomemanshetThe toll of military operations between 2nd and 5th of January

The toll of military operations between 2nd and 5th of January

Turkish occupation army bombards the populated areas in Tal Tamer and Ain Issa with heavy weapons and rockets.
Tal Tamer
Mercenaries of Turkish occupation army shelled the villages of Rashidiya and Al-Bab and the surrounding villages.
Ain Issa
The Turkish occupation army shelled with heavy weapons and mortars the villages of Um-Hoish, Kor-Hassan, Khirbet Baqer, Debs, Khalidiya, and al-Saqr restaurant near al-Khalidiya village.
In a related context, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation attempted to launch ground attacks on positions stationed by Syrian regime forces. However, the shelling and the attack resulted in material damage to the property of the inhabitants of the area.
Countering the attempted attack on border forces
The Self-Defense Forces failed an attempt by ISIS mercenary cells to launch a missile attack in Deir ez-Zor countryside, where ISIS mercenary cells were preparing to launch a large-scale attack on the positions of the Self-Defense Forces and border guards in Deir ez-Zor countryside with large quantities of missiles and mines, However, the Self-Defense Forces were able to thwart the attack by ground sweep in the area, and seized large quantities of missiles and many types of explosives.
SDF Media Center
6-January- 2020

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