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Al-Raqqa Consoles Idlib IDPs

Al-Raqqa – The Fighting intensified in their cities and areas, forcing them to seek a safe haven to protect them from the arrogance of the belligerents. The only thing they are guilty of is being civilian who want to live in peace and security. They were forced to leave everything that concerned them just wanting to save their souls and children from the flames of war that they have nothing to do with it.

Hundreds of thousands left, displaced and knew who is the friend and who is the enemy. All doors were closed to them even doors of the ” yesterday friends “. Therefore, the initiative of SDF leadership was a safety outlet for them, so they went to other areas of Syria which are “Autonomous Administration areas” they are familiar areas and there is no need to cross the wires, borders and crossings that know only the language of interests.

They were welcomed and by The Autonomous Administration that made them forget the yesterday’s pains because it represents humanity. it set up camps for them and entered them its cities and regions, some of them stayed in Manbij, and others went further to Raqqa and other parts of the Autonomous Administration geography.

A displaced man from Jabal al-Zawiya, Abdul Hamid al-Asfar, expresses his thanks and gratitude for General Mazlum Abdi’s initiative to receive the displaced from Idlib and secure their crossing, pointing that the heavy bombardment of the regime’s aircraft and missiles forced them to leave their homes and go to the Autonomous Administration areas of northern and eastern Syria.

Al-Asafar added that he chose to go to Raqqa on the advice of his relatives who came in the first batch.

Another displaced man from Al-Rami village in Idlib countryside, Mohammed Absi, he arrived in Raqqa last week, saying that as a result of intensive shelling and the use of various weapons, they were forced to leave their areas and villages.

He said their journey lasted more than four days during which they had to sleep in the open air until they reached Raqqa city escaping from the fighting that destroyed their villages.

“The center’s management is working to receive new arrivals and to provide their basic needs, and there are more than 300 previously displaced families in the shelter, and 150 displaced families were received in the last batch,” said Mohammed Mohsen, an administrator at the shelter in Al Nahda neighborhood.

Mohsen concluded by confirming on their constant contact with Raqqa Civil Council to take the necessary measures and to appeal to humanitarian organizations to support the displaced people.

The head of Relief Office in Raqqa Civil Council, Ahmed al-Ahmad,noted the arrival of 150 families during the past week, and confirmed that financial assistance was provided to 88 families by “People in Need” organization and the office provided 35 tents with supplies for the displaced people of the last batch.

Al-Ahmad said that now they have received displaced people in police dormitories in al-Nahda neighborhood, until expanding abu Qabeaa camp which is located west of the city in order to be able to receive new families.

It is worth mentioning that large camps are under construction in other cities in northern and eastern Syria to be able to receive large numbers of displaced people in the Idlib region.

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