HomemanshetSecond day outcome of “Deterrent of Terrorism” second stage operation

Second day outcome of “Deterrent of Terrorism” second stage operation

The second stage of “Deterrent of Terrorism” campaign implemented by our forces in cooperation with the international coalition in the areas of Deir Ezzor continues to track down and pursue the ISIS terrorists.
During the raids on the second day that targeted the hideouts of terrorists and suspects, a senior ISIS official was arrested.
Our forces seized many weapons and ammunition, including 20 mines, 1- Kalashnikov, 1- m16, 1, battery equipment, controllers, remote detonation phones, mobile phones, and a quantity of ammunition.
It also seized smuggling equipment (small ships) on the banks of the river.
Our forces have found an old mortar warehouse containing more than 1,000 shells.
The campaign will continue until the goal for which it was launched is achieved.

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