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Statement to Media and Public Opinion

What happened in Deir Ezzor was not spur-of-the- moment or the momentary result of assassinations of a number of dignitaries and heads of tribes in the Deir Ezzor region, but rather part of a long-term scheme for the forces and parties that are hostile to the administration of the region, and strive to incite the people of that region against the administration and cause confusion for goals that has become known to everyone, which began with the beginning of the campaign to eliminate Daesh in the countryside of Deir Ezzor and intensified its pace after the last battle that targeted Daesh in its last strongholds, that is because they were using the remnants of Daesh and its sleeper cells that are still active throughout these areas after cutting that arm and completely eliminating it, especially since it is no longer possible for these cells to reorganize themselves and regain their strength as it was, especially since the people organized themselves and established their administrations and provided the precious in order to liberate their areas from the dark terror, so it is no longer possible to exploit them and lead them to these ploys.

These cells from the remnants of Daesh strive to cause confusion, whether through assassinations, spreading rumors, mining and booby-trapping operations, with the direct support from those forces that have become known and exposed to all whose leaders come on top of the bodies linked to the Syrian regime and its allies. On the other hand, Turkey and its mercenaries also play a major role in this battle; A large number of them are from this region and they had a previous organization within it under the name of the Free Army and the Al-Nusra Front.

Through their plans, these forces targeted civil security and peace, sabotaging the service and administrative situation, weakening it, creating a rift and separating the region’s tribes and the civil administration, as well as inciting these tribes against each other and pitting them against the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition Forces.

We, in the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir Ezzor, affirm that the state of chaos and turmoil in the region does not target a clan in itself or a specific component, as all components of the region are targeted and affected by the continuation of this situation and what is happening in terms of targeting our people in Qamishli, Derek and Ain Issa years ago. And recently in Kobani, an apparent view of three women was targeted by a drone, and Daesh’s targeting of our people in Deir Ezzor are the biggest examples of the extension of these practices.
No one is excluded, and therefore what is happening is a deliberate and planned program that is being implemented in the long term by all the forces and parties benefiting, chiefly Turkey and the Syrian regime, which do not hesitate to provide their direct and indirect support to Daesh.

We also confirm that what is being promoted about our forces being the cause of this crisis and that the region’s tribes demanded them to leave the area has no basis. On the contrary, what they wanted to implement did not materialize for several reasons, the first of which is that those who run this region are their sons who are in charge of protecting their regions themselves and they organize themselves, as well as the strong relations that bind the Syrian Democratic Forces and these clans and their leaders, since these forces are consisting of their own sons , as well as between the people, administrations and local councils, without denying the existence of some serious complaints in this regard regarding the lack of services, i.e. meaning the solidarity of the tribes and the people of the region around their forces and local councils is the main reason for the failure of these plans.

The direct media warfare and smear campaigns that our forces are exposed to, is the main reason that they are accepted and respected by all components of the region and have a strong and coherent structure. And as the saying goes, “the fruitful tree is the one that threw stones”, these forces are targeted by those parties through propagating malicious propaganda and attaching false accusations to them that have no connection with the truth, with the aim of tarnishing the image of these forces among both the local and international public opinion.

We go back and confirm that we in the Syrian Democratic Forces have not violated anyone, except for our targeting of the terrorist organization Daesh and its sleeper cells, which are still spread throughout this region, especially since this organization first targeted the people of this region and its clans, as the Shaitat massacre where hundreds of the tribe’s sons were killed. The hand of Daesh terrorists is clearly visible, and here it is clear and unequivocal that the forces and parties that fight us and seek to distort our image express themselves flagrantly and declare their explicit support for the terrorist organization; Desh.

Despite all the attempts of these forces to cause discord and rift in the region, and their endeavor to distort our image, on the contrary, we see an increase in the enrollment of young people from the tribes of this region to our ranks, and despite what is happening, all the clans throughout the region in al-Jazeera and Raqqa announce their solidarity and the depth of their association with our forces which protects the present and future of the region despite the risks and threats they are exposed to.

We, in the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces, highly appreciate the stance of the clans. With its sheikhs and dignitaries in contrast to recent developments, we remember with great respect those who lost their lives as victims of dirty operations and plans, who have become martyrs for their stances against the aggressors and whoever begged for him to cause unrest and chaos in the region, and we affirm that your solidarity and rallying around your forces is a guarantee that they will continue to carry out their national duties, and we are all confident as they were side by side with their forces in fighting Daesh, they will be shoulder to shoulder by our side in facing this sedition until it is removed from its roots.
We value the efforts of the International Coalition for its contribution to clarifying the true picture and standing by the tribes and all the people of the region, by holding many meetings with the people, dignitaries and tribes of the region, and their military role alongside our forces on the ground in confronting terrorism.

We also extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed, even by trying the dignitaries of al-Jazeera and Euphrates regions, to extinguish the flame of sedition, and stood by our side at this juncture in the face of the hands that tried to wreak havoc in our region.

General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces

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